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  Hey everyone,
  The new video is done! You can view it below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Hope you like it! :)
  In other news, we'll be playing three shows in the pacific northwest area next week, so if that's where you live come out & see us and say hi. Check out our 'Upcoming Shows' section for details.

  Till then, take care everyone!

  Happy New Year Everyone!
  Just wanted to touch base with everyone and extend the aforementioned glad tidings... We hope everyone had a safe and inebriated holiday, and that the new year brings great things...
  Also, we have a free, all-ages show tomorrow night at the Flamingo Cantina... Here's a little promo teaser with footage from our upcoming video for 'Promise'.

  Hope to see you there!

  Hi there everyone! Phil here again...
  The promise video is now in post production, and we are very excited to share the finished product with you all as soon as we can. Rion has had a couple of cheeky glimpses, and he has reported in to us that it is looking fantastic!!
  So...watch this space for the release and all the fanfare in the near future.

  Hi there everyone! Phil here just giving you all a heads up on a great upcoming show at the Parish on Friday September 29th. We are very excited about playing with 2 other great bands at what is probably our favorite venue in town! All the links are to your right there in the 'Upcoming Shows' panel
  In other news, we are embarking on a video for 'promise' and we should be starting shooting for that in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space for some good old dynah visuals!
  Thanks again for your continued support...It does mean a lot to us! :-)

  Hello everyone. Just a quick update and reminder. We will be playing this Friday, August 11th, at the Flamingo Cantina with The Heirs, Hotel Hotel, La La Land and The Last Gasp. Doors open at 9pm and it's 18 and up. We also want to remind everyone to pick up this months issue of Soundcheck magazine (see the review at the bottom of this message) for the latest review of Wake. Thank you all for your support and we hope we'll see you out this coming Friday the 11th.

Dynah: Wake
Label: Independant
  Are eight tracks enough to prove that we've got "it"? This is the question that Dynah, whether they were conscious of it or not, set out to answer in their recent EP, Wake. The verdict? Eight will do just fine, and I'm eagerly awaiting the rest.
  The four-man group from Austin possesses the invaluable talent of being able to write simple, catchy rock songs that never get bogged down in the "art" of rock. They are unashamedly uncomplicated, without over-production or slick studio effects. Sonically, the album is comparable to a much-stripped-down Radiohead or U2, minus the self-importance. These days, and alt/rock, alt/Brit-pop, alt/anything band is in danger of being lost in a sea of like sounds. Dynah rises above with smart, adaptable lyrics, the kind which know when to keep it simple and let a tune do the work, or when to come together with a piano to get some more pathos pumping, like on the opening of "Mistakes". The end result is a healthy mix of rocking, dancing, and emoting that just doesn't seem to get old, no matter how many repeats you get through.
  Dynah is poised to garner more attention, with a knack for writing hooks that stick and songs that sound ready-made for an audience. Already one of the most successful emergin Austin artists, Dynah could grab even more of a spotlight if they continue to produce quality music like this.
-Adam LeFave

  Well, it has finally arrived!!
  We are proud to anounce our new album, 'Wake' is in our hands, all nice and spanking new and on it's way to various outlets for sale! Currently you can buy it at Waterloo Records in Austin, and coming in the next day or 2 to CD Baby, and of course any of our upcoming shows.
  As you can see, we have some cd release shows coming up in the next few weeks, and so we really hope to see you all out there!
  Thanks to those who have already given us such great feedback, and we are really looking forward to a very busy 2006!

  Thanks soooo much to all of you that came out to the Red Eyed Fly last night. We hope that you enjoyed the show(s). Thanks especially to Titanmoon, Red Monroe, and Sounds Under Radio for bringin the rock to the table!
  The new EP entitled 'Wake' is just about done. Mastering and pressing are all that's left before we all have shiny new CDs in our wee mits. You can preview a couple of the new tracks on myspace.com. We hope you like em.
  Also, it's that time of the year again to vote in the Austin Chronicle Music Polls. We'd love you all forever and immensely if you would click HERE and vote for dynah in the 'Best Performing Bands / Pop' category and any other categories you see fit to vote in. Thank you in advance for voting! :)
  Take care and keep breathin'.

  Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to Helios on Saturday. We all had a great time, and we hope everyone else did as well. Thanks to Black Tie Dynasty for playing a mind-blowing set as usual. Man, if they ever had an "off" night we'd all be really, REALLY worried.. Thanks again, guys. :)
  More news regarding the EP: We tracked a brand new song just the other night, and played it live for the first time at Helios. We think/hope everyone is going to like it as much as we do. The disc should be finished by the end of this year, and will be available in early 2006.
  Till next time, keep rockin' in the "free" world.

  Hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick update on goings on. The new EP is coming along nicely. It's not going to be out there as soon as we had hoped, but it'll be soon nonetheless.
  We've got a few shows coming up for the end of the year. This Friday (10/14) we'll be at Ego's on South Congress with our friends from Fairlight. Just a heads-up that Ego's is 21 and up.
  So, we'll keep the updates on the new EP coming and it will inevitably be in your hands. Take care.

  Hello all. We wanted to let everyone know that dynah is back in action after a four month or so hiatus. We have made a pretty major change within the band with our new guitarist Mark Jorgenson (formerly of bands Kazi and Belu), and we hope everyone will enjoy this new development.
  Mike Freitag, with whom we have worked for many years, will be moving on to other endeavors and we wish him nothing but the best of luck.
  We have a new EP in the works, and we're hoping to have it ready by the end of October. Mark Dufour is producing and engineering the new disc, so, needless to say, we're pretty stoked about getting it out there.
  Anyway, check out our shows section over to the right -->, and we hope to see you all out in force in the next few months...
  Cheers from Rion, Phil, Mark, and Mark.